Product #1 Focuses on our customers in Utility's sector/ Industry

Product #2 Focuses on Fire Departments, News Media, and Local Governments.

 A Fire Behavior Engine at the Drop of a Pin.

Drop a pin in ESRI's software platform and the Engine dose the work.
Pin-Drop uses real-time data to create wildfire simulation perimeters within seconds!

Commonly asked questions about this new technology:

1) At what locations can this tool be used / implemented?
    - Currently the entire central and western United States is available, but we are on schedule to have the  entire  continental U.S. datasets build very soon.
2) Can the News Media use this technology and is it easy to use?
    - Yes we encourage news media to use the technology and guarantee ease of use.
3) Is the technology expensive?
    - Not at all, in fact some organizations qualify to get the technology at no cost to the organization or department.
4) How fast does it work once you drop a pin.
    -As fast as 6-8 seconds in ArcMap, and about 3-4 seconds in a web map API, ArcGIS Portal or AGOL. If a user happens to drop a pin on the exact corner of 4 simulation model boundaries, then it could potentially be as much as 4 times slower ,24 seconds in total, yet we seldom see this issue in quality testing.  Today the industry standard remains at about 8 hrs, so you will not be disappointed.

Let us build you a free prototype to ensure needs are met before your department ever spends a single dollar. You won't be disappointed.

FlameMapper has many free products and services that we offer. However, our industry leading products are for private licensing purposes only.

In an effort to provide bleeding edge GIS solutions to meet business confidentiality requirements and business needs we do not showcase certain technology on our main site.

That said, it doesn't mean we won't show it to you. We encourage you to ask questions. Whoever you are, or whatever your industry, we can provide unmatched technology at unmatched cost.