A Fire Behavior Engine at the Drop of a Pin.

Product #1 Focuses on Fire Departments, News Media, and Local Governments.


Product #2 Focuses on Electric Utility Sector/ Industry

Product #3  Mitigation Mapper:  The Mitigation Mapper is a simple, yet effective tool that ensures the money you spend makes a difference. Our tools allow us to virtually test a proposed mitigation (for effectiveness) before the mitigation project ever breaks ground.  This is our #1 selling product.
Product #4 Evacuation Route Safety. Easily identify critical sections of evacuation routes that would potentially prevent safe passage during a wildfire event. Then use Mitigation Mapper to introduce a mitigation plan to ensure safe passage during a wildfire event.
Product #5 Home Assessment Reports. We "Virtually" Burn Your Entire Property. Want to understand the vulnerabilities and risks your property faces, and what should be done to mitigate those risks? We can help. This includes an in person walk through and detailed report that we recommend taking back to your insurance company. Schedule a walk through by contacting us at: Contact@FlameMapper.com

Commonly asked questions about our technology:

1) At what locations can these tool be used / implemented?
  The entire United States is currently available. We currently build out data for other countries on an as needed bases.

2) Is the technology expensive?
    Not at all. Many organizations qualify to get the technology at a reduced, or subsidized cost to the organization, or department.
3) How fast does it work once you drop a pin.
    -As fast as you would like it to.  Available on Arc Desktop, a web mapping API, ArcGIS Portal or AGOL.

4) If the Fire Containment Cell Mapping technology works so well why is it not showcased on the site?
  - This is a revolutionary propitiatory technology that we have chosen not to showcase on the site at this time.

Let us build you a free prototype to ensure needs are met before your department ever spends a single dollar. You won't be disappointed.
FlameMapper has many free products and services that we offer. However, our industry leading products are for private licensing purposes only.

In an effort to continue to provide bleeding edge GIS solutions we no longer showcase certain technology on our main site.
That being said, we would be happy to share it with you over a WebEsx presentation.

.  .  .Stay tuned as FlameMapper continues to provide unmatched metric driven and statistically justified technological results.