It is our mission to limit the impact of wildfire, and subsequent disasters, on people and property.

FlameMapper has invested in developing superior technical capabilities by partnering with subject matter experts who have

domain expertise, including wildland firefighters and those experienced in emergency management systems integration.

Our team has a passion for reducing structure loss by all means necessary, especially through landscape level mitigation.

Anthony Shafer (left) and Shea Broussard (right).
Pictured with Jack Dangermond (ESRI founder and GIS visionary).

Personal Message

At the age of 8, Shea Broussard's family home was lost during the 1993 Old Topanga Canyon Fire. 
Anthony Shafer was fortunate to have been able to save his house in that very same fire.
The fire forever altered their community.  This company was founded to provide community
members and professionals with information to reduce their vulnerability and risk.

Combined Technology Background

Analysis Background
 Experienced in computerized simulation modeling
Specialist in emergency equipment location analysis
 Leader is structure loss reduction and fire containment analysis
California State Certifications
      Wildland Fire Behavior
Wildland Structure Triage
       Principals and Practices of Wildland Firefighting
       Introduction to the Incident Command System (ICS)
Computer Modelling Programs
      •    FlamMap
      •    Farsite
      •    BeHavePlus
      •    WindNijia
      •    FireFamily Plus,
      •    Flamelet
      •    FlameMapper MTT
Programming Languages
      •    C++
      •    Python
      •    Python API
      •    Machine Learning
      •    VBA
      •    JavaScript
      •    HTML
      •    HTML5
      •    KML
      •    IDL
      •    Flash
      •    Fortran


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