Did you know that FlameMapper is an ESRI supported STARTUP/ Emerging Business Partner? FlameMapper integrates the latest in fire science prediction / containment modeling with GeoDesign [ landscape level planning ]. #The Science of Where #ESRI


Meet Anthony Shafer (left) and Shea Broussard (right). Both brought together by fire. Anthony's successful career as a fire technology officer with LAFD for over 40 years and Shea a victim of fire at a yung age. So while this company stems from a very real and personal experience, the statistically justified technology developed to create FlameMapper provides real solutions to limit loss of life, save infrastructure, save money and keep our local firefighters safer than every before.

Building tech that firefighter's will gain true value from. Something that will help rather than hinder efforts. Shea and Anthony bring almost 50 years of "boots on the ground" firefighter experience to the table between them. Pictured with Jack Dangermond (ESRI founder and GIS visionary) at this years Esri Partner Conference.

Anthony David Shafer

•    Masters of Arts, Geographic Information Science, Department of Geography, California State University 
•    Masters in Urban and Regional Planning, (Analysis and Research), Graduate School of Public Administration,
•    B.A. in Political Science, Urban Studies, California State University Northridge
•    GIS Certificate, California State University Northridge

Professional Experience:
•    Retired Fire Officer for the City of Los Angeles
•    Member, Environmental Review Board, City of Malibu
•    Fuel Management Specialist

Shea Broussard

•    Masters of Arts, Geographic Information Science, Department of Geography, California State University
•    Bachelor Degree in Geography with a Minor in Geospatial Information Systems and Technologies, UCLA

Professional Experience:
•    DOD Contractor for the US-Navy - GIS Application Administer for GeoReadiness Explorer [GRX] Program.
•    GIS Support during the Gulf of Mexico Oil spill 2010
•    Head GIS Technician, Antonio Villaraigosa 's  Million Tree Initiative, Los Angeles

Combined Technology Background:

•    Experienced in computerized simulation modeling
•    Specialist in emergency equipment location analysis
•    Leader is structure loss reduction and fire containment analysis

California State Certifications:
      •    Wildland Structure Triage
      •    Wildland Fire Behavior
      •    Principals and Practices of Wildland Firefighting
      •    Introduction to the Incident Command System (ICS)

Basic to comprehensive knowledge of the following:

Computer Modelling Programs
•    FlamMap
•    Farsite
•    BeHavePlus
•    WindNijia
•    FireFamily Plus,
•    Flamelet
•    FlameMapper MTT

Programming Languages
•    C++
•    Python
•    VBA
•    JavaScript
•    HTML
•    HTML5
•    KML
•    IDL
•    Flash
•    Fortran